Quick & Easy Setup
When you create your website, you get a Sample site that is ready to be edited. The most commonly used modules are already loaded for you to help you get started. You can delete or relocate any of the pre-loaded content to create your own unique website.
Just edit the site, add your own content, and begin communicating with your members.
We also provide video tutorials in our Support section to help you get started.

Content Stays Fresh & Relevant

With our unique to the industry Contributed Content model, it's easy to keep your website up-to-date!  Simply assign specific members as Posters whose content will be Pending until approved by a designated Approver. Designate as many Posters and Approvers as you like.

Time sensitive events such as Volunteer Signups and News automatically expire and are no longer visible on your site. You can even set the date for it to appear on your site.


Easy Fundraising

Collect member dues, sell Spirit Gear, and raise money through your MemberHub eStore.  MemberHub eCommerce is FREE for CH2V site owners.
With our unique Sponsor Module, local businesses can create their listing and donate directly through your site. Listings don't go live until they are approved. Plus, this module features added benefits to local businesses.

The best way to experience the magic of CH2V.com is to create a site for your volunteer organization. It just takes just a few minutes! Like so many others, you're going to be amazed at the power included in these sites.