Raising Money

Raising money is easy with a CH2V website! Collect member dues, sell Spirit Gear, and run fundraising drives all from a single place - no need to have multiple logins and connect multiple platforms in order to raise the funds your organization needs.

Online Store

With your integrated Online Store you can:

  • Accept payments by credit card
  • Collect direct donations
  • Offer sizing and color options per item
  • Offer volume discounts
  • Choose to pass on the transaction fees to buyer per item

You can even place multiple stores on your site, such as connecting membership signups with paying dues on one page and creating a Spirit Gear store on another.

There is no monthly fee to use the store and the credit card processing fees are the lower than other payment processors such as PayPal or Square.

Sponsor Module

No more selling chocolate bars and gift baskets! Raise money easily through our one-of-a-kind Sponsor Module. Support local businesses by helping them get the word out while they support your organization with much needed funds.  It's a win-win!

With the Sponsor Module:

  • You set your levels and choose from a variety of benefits
  • Local businesses can sign up, donate and create their listing
  • Announce your new Sponsor with a single click
  • Offer repeat exposure throughout the year for your Sponsors

Not only does the Sponsor Module do most of the work for you, your organization keeps 100% of the proceeds.


The best way to experience the magic of CH2V.com is to create a site for your volunteer organization. It just takes just a few minutes! Like so many others, you're going to be amazed at the power included in these sites.