Communicating With Members

Your members are the life-blood of your organization. They joined in order to be a part of your mission and you need to let them know about events and opportunities.

There are 3 keys ways for you to let your members know about upcoming events and activities:

  • News Announcements
  • Events Calendar
  • Email Blasts

Your News Posts and Events Calendar are available to site visitors without having to login. Your members can simply pop-in to your site to get the information they are looking for without having to login.

News and Announcements


Post News and Announcements front and center so your site visitors can know at-a-glance the information they need to know. With News posts you can:

  • Set the posting date and expiration date so your site stays fresh
  • Display a Summary with a Show More link.
  • Attach a PDF file for easy access for your members

The News module is a Contributed Content module which means you can assign multiple posters to help you keep the site current. Their posts don't go live on your site until they are approved by a designated Approver.

Events Calendar

Quickly & easily create a Calendar of upcoming events and activities. Calendar events are automatically connected to the News post or Event listings you choose. Site visitors can easily access the News post or Event directly from your Calendar.


Email Blasts


Send unlimited email blasts with no caps on the number of members or emails being sent. Send to your entire membership or to specific groups you setup.

  • Select your recipient list with a single click
  • Create custom templates for different types of blasts
  • Batch your email blasts and send them as needed

Because the Email module is a Contributed Content module, you can assign multiple posters to help you stay on top of communicating with your members.. Their emails won't be ready to send until they are approved by a designated Approver.


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